With over 3 million members, a large Australian sporting organisation wished to improve its marketing efforts.

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Moving away from broadcast marketing

With over 3 million members, this large organisation wanted to harness its membership base to provide better targeted sales offers. Traditionally, campaigns would be broadcast to existing members and the Marketing Manager was looking for ways to:

  • Use the available data to understand drivers of customer behaviour in response to marketing offers
  • Clearly segment their database and create clear customer profiles setting out customer attributes, needs and offer responses
  • Improve marketing ROI by making the right customers the right offers and putting in place targeted communication strategies


The project

The Defin’d team worked with the client to consolidate a number of internal and external datasets. This included a transactional dataset capturing past customer interactions and actions. We then deployed our machine learning capability across these datasets to build predictive models to identify which customers were most likely to take up which offers.

The models were then used to tailor marketing offers, and also to allocate marketing expenditure so as to ensure sufficient focus was being placed on higher value and higher conversion customers. This led to an improved marketing ROI for the organisation.

The modelling was also used to develop “Pen Profiles” of high propensity customers, which supported better targeted advertising via online channels.


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