A large general insurer wanted to understand its customers and competition better and ultimately enhance business performance.

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Prioritising and targeting the best markets and customers for the greatest return on marketing investment requires an updated and accurate customer segmentation system.

Defin’d was able to provide the client with valuable insights by analysing these micro-markets – by geography, demography, consumer behaviour and life stage.

Identify and profile customers

Typically, insurers have detailed information about their current client base. We worked closely with the insurer to combine their own data with Defin’d data to gain an accurate competitive positioning in the market place. By identifying and profiling markets the client gained unparalled insights into the life and mindset of consumers, and was able to connect this insight with their own data.


Optimise marketing performance

By holistically understanding their customer base, the client was able to identify hidden opportunities, common preferences and behaviours revealing actionable insights into who they are, how they think and what they do. Identifying and focusing on the right market segments, enabled the client to elevate the effectiveness of their overall marketing mix and ensure that the most compelling and relevant marketing messages would be targeted to the very best customers.


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