You’ve got the data, now put it to work.

Defin’d helps you build your complete customer profile.




Clear market segments


Purchase history


Competitor purchase history


New opportunities (look-alike and act-alike prospects)




Growing areas and the profiles of customers living in those locations


Social and financial structure of their household


Price sensitivity

The next step is to access Defin’d analytics …


Find and acquire customers

Optimise and target your marketing campaigns. Identify micro-market segments to see which segments grow quickest and find the best way to reach and engage them. Use Defin’d to drive customer acquisition and retention while slowing attrition rates. Measure return on marketing initiatives by tracking how your market share is changing within micro-market segments.

Optimise stock management

Manage your stock levels and reduce operational costs. By combining your sales and customer loyalty information with Defin’d, we use our predictive analytics to determine what your customers in each store location want to buy. We can assist you to make data driven decisions about what styles, brands, colour and sizes to stock and how to allocate this between stores based on predicted customer demand. Reduce your overheads by minimising the time that your stock spends in the warehouse, and on your retail floor.



Set the right price

Develop an effective pricing strategy. Our predictive analytics take your historical sales information by store and customer purchases to help you determine the optimal pricing for your products aligned with your target audience segments. Using your past promotional and discounting experience, we can help you devise a strategy to manage more profitable future promotions and clearances.

Turn data into management insights

Measure and assess the performance of your business. Customised dashboard reporting helps you measure and monitor Defin’d analytics at any time. Our team is on hand as you need, in addition to your user-friendly dashboard that can instantly cut and dice your data and access reports as required.



Find cross and upsell opportunities

Understand how your customers’ average items purchased and spend is changing over time and why. Look at customer past purchases to optimise and predict future up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Create opportunities to sell complimentary products to customers at the time of purchase.

Location, location, location

Looking to start a new store or business? Take the guess work out of choosing a location. Use Defin’d household and consumer profiles to know where your customers are located and where they like to shop.




Compare your stores. By using Defin’d household and consumer profiles, define catchment areas around each of your stores. Use this to compare the sales performance between your stores and identify opportunities.

How we do it

Predictive and machine learning techniques

Defin’d uses a range of predictive and machine learning techniques.

The techy tools developed by our experts include decision trees, deep learning and neural networks, gradient boosting models, network analysis, clustering and geospatial techniques amongst others. We also use licensed software through our analytics partners.

Overall, we’ll use the best methods available that are tailored for your specific business priorities.


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