Defin'd data reveals most fashion conscious suburbs

Defin’d data reveals most fashion conscious suburbs

By June 2, 2017Big Data, Fashion

New data has revealed the top ten most fashion conscious suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne. Haymarket was found to be the most fashionable suburb in metropolitan Sydney while Carlton had the most style conscious residents in Melbourne.

The group who identified most with keeping up with the latest seasonal trends were “fashion forward females” comprised of younger women under the age of 35. This group was found to be 1.5 times more likely to keep up with new fashions compared to the average Australian. These findings were generated by the Defin’d dataset and analytics.

“We took people who ranked fashion as highly important to them in the Nielsen Consumer Media View survey, looked at their common traits and using our Defin’d population dataset rolled the findings out across Australia. We were able to quickly locate a number of groups with varying attitudes to fashion and accurately give each suburb a fashion score and rank,” said Stephen Lee, Defin’d.

The top ten most fashionable suburbs in Sydney are:

  1. Haymarket
  2. Rhodes
  3. Chippendale
  4. Ultimo
  5. Sydney CBD
  6. Wolli Creek
  7. Darlington, Sydney
  8. St Leonards
  9. Zetland
  10. Harris Park

The top ten most fashionable suburbs in Melbourne are:

  1. Carlton
  2. Melbourne CBD
  3. Southbank
  4. Travancore
  5. Parkville
  6. West Melbourne
  7. North Melbourne
  8. Clayton
  9. Carlton North
  10. Cremorne

Check your suburbs fashion score here (Defin’d website)

“Until now, retailers could only see their target market through a narrow lens, but businesses can now get insights into the entire Australian population to identify their markets at a household level and how best to reach them,” said Stephen.

Defin’d is data and analytics that gives retailers the ability to access tailored market research to describe and locate desirable customer segments. Retailers can now gain a deeper picture of potential customers, where they are and their propensity to purchase.

For this analysis Defin’d was able to segment Australian households to see where these fashion demographics lie:

Fashion Groups Description
Fashion forward females Female under <35yrs, stays on top of latest trends and cares a lot about fashion.
Cosmopolitan females Over 30yr women budget conscious but have a well established style. Fashion is important, but not the most important aspect in their lives.
Trend setting males Male <40yrs, early adopters, care about new fashion and know where their money is spent.
Classic style males General low-budget awareness, enjoys fashion and appearances matter, but doesn’t put as much emphasis on the latest fashions compared to trend setting males
Casual shoppers Fashion is a low priority; not that interested in new trends
Non-shoppers The latest fashions is not what drives this group

About Defin’d:

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